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 Blog writing tips


The blog writing tips help you to get a lot of benefits for blog writing. In this blog, we will explain you noteworthy three wonderful things for blogging. Blog tips, how to start a blog, how to get traffic to your blogFrom these ideal and vital components, you can easily write an article for your interesting blog as a blogger. There are so many guidelines and strategies for blogger. But you should be faithful to your writing as a blogger. So, don’t put any kind of fast and short way of getting fame in the short span of time. Tips, traffic and starting a blog are major things for ideal blogging.


The old similar, exhausted catalog of repeated monitor or guides for blogging is dull and boring now. They’re so regular and anybody can get tired in writing mood by learning these guides. I am not sure and don’t know about everyone, but I’m normally exhausted by tired and repeated tips. I need to realize and recognize myself what truly and rightly works.

For this, you should be careful about blog writing. If you want a superb blog, then you have to find new and unbeatable blogging tips.  Boring writing is not a superlative progress for the blog. When I jump to my fresh blog, then I realized that how much I didn’t know about eye-catching blogging. You can also start a fantastic blog by adding some exciting stuff for the audience. The attentions of viewers and target topic are crucial for an ideal blog.  That’s why I decided that I put some noticeable, user-friendly, attracting and interesting list in the content of my blog.

Here are awesome points that are superb for your interesting blog. You can start the exciting and ideal blog with these delightful tips.

  • No duplicates and fake stuff. Stop thinking about to copy somebody’s idea and clues. Always think efficient and unique ideal approach for a blog. Think about your ideas for an ideal blogging. Focus what type of unique stuff you are offering.
  • Be blameless about your ideal blogging. Never try to think first-rate fame in few days. You should be genuine and sincere with your writing power.
  • Never lie about your writing. Always focus on truth by not adding fake stuff and noise for superb reputation in a short length of time.
  • Don’t lose your tolerance. You have to control yourself by having some patience. In the short time, you can’t get a lot of attention.
  • Theme and style. Your blog should be best in a superb pattern. Choose the easy and well-behaved theme.


Writing pattern 

Write noticeable and focused stuff on your blog. Don’t irritate your audience by providing boring material. Have a focused point for your writing stuff. Never forget your point. Provide fresh stuff to your viewers by ideal writing. Avoid pointless, irrelevant and time waste discussion. Try to convey your views within a short area of discussion (350 to 1000). If you are trying to write long, then write it into smart points.

Boost and motivate yourself

Don’t surrender to your blog. Just stick like a glue to your point by writing a blog. Winners will never finish their hope and boosted aim. Focused points based blog will always win.  Don’t be panic for disapproval and criticism of the blog. Hating, disagree and exhausted  terms are not marks of disappointment. Means you are getting fame and in future your blog should be in front of every eye with good comments.

Web design   ->    excellent content    ->     Emails promotion    ->     Pick tips from experts

Videos, images, and quotes

Put some fantastic clips in the form of the slide show that will explain your point. Add stunning images by having a smart view. Provide awesome quotes that will catch your target viewers. In videos convey an exciting message to your viewers.

After writing tips, the question is

How to start a blog


Choose an amazing domain name for your blog and pick a hosting plan. After registration completion, install WordPress.

There are several platforms for blog creation like WordPress, Tumblr, blogger, etc. The best platform is WordPress and it has above 70 million active users. WordPress is the king of starting a blog. Even I use  Wordpress for my blog or sites. You can use the beneficial plugin for your blog or website through this. Because:

  • Everyone can use this including add-ons, free themes, paid themes, layouts and other valuable plugins.
  • WordPress`s functionality is easy to handle for everyone.
  • You can easily install and setup it.
  • WordPress update all its software. So, there is no chance of spamming.
  • WordPress is the vital sign for beginners as a blogger.
  • Earn more money with a wonderful blog.
  • When you are just starting a blog, there are customization options are available in it.
  • Without any kind of doubt, go with it. Other blogging platforms are quite nice. But WordPress is highly recommendable for you.
  • You can do your best with freedom in it.
  • Without any doubt, you must create your self-hosted blog.
  • Don’t create or make  free and long blog like
  • As above, you will ideally see the given name of your site domain will be too long and will make trouble with typing.
  • Self-hosted blogs are noteworthy to use and have rich value in google.
  • Significant content with opinion, customization facility, content control, editing, audience attraction, significant plugins and some other tools are valuable for your blog.
  • Never go for the unknown domain and hosting. Always pick highly recommendable and familiar domain with a wonderful hosting plan.
  • Go daddy and HostGator ideal sites are the supreme domain name provider with hosting facility.
  • Go to their sites and make your account on that. After that search your domain name and buy it by amazingly choosing a hosting plan for your site.
  • You can also get an ideal facility in the coupon code form. A coupon code will give you your domain and Hosting with discount.
  • Purchase your domain and hosting with the Credit card, PayPal and other options that are available in that.
  • Log in to your account and install WordPress.
  • Your query is resolved now for how to start it ?



 Writing tips 


Blogs basically are posts, comment, links write by a blogger (a person who writes a blog) that appears in a chronological order just like daily journals that increases user interaction. The world before blogging is simple and one-sided. The internet just used as an information tool, but in today`s life internet become a basic need for everyone and blogging become so common for those people who doesn’t feel the fear of writing about anything that is occurring in societies etc.

Blogs in today`s writing world become so much popular and preferably interesting because it`s become more social. Today, there are over 100 million writing blogs with more entering the blogosphere every day. And blogging becomes an easy source of online logbook mean sharing thoughts, ideas with other people in a form of post or blogs. Blogging has become a vital portion of the online and offline worlds. Ideal and Popular noteworthy bloggers impacting the noteworthy lab of business, politics,  and other society with their words in the form of blogs.

In the near future, the blogging power will become an online influence energy for many people and business as they recognize its power and its ability, importance.  And there is also the availability of easy steps for writing  a blog or post for those beginners  who wants to write blog or post about anything  or event. Where they want to express their words first time as an online blogger. But the queries about blogging here is that


Here you will see noteworthy and ideal blog writing tips for those who have problems of writing a blog.

  1. Express Your delightful Goals

    It is important that firstly define your goals before you are going to start your first blog. But  the question is that what would be the topic of your goal? Is it just for your fun or your ideas, opinions about everything that occurs in the noteworthy current duration of time or life? Or is it only for your business promotions, strategies? What are your goals for the short or long term? Because all these things or questions depends on your blog. Or the reason why are you writing a blog?

  1. You should Know about Your Viewers

  Your blog should be according to your audience. It just all depends on your audience if they are a teenager then it should  be related to their taste, their thinking level or if they are business persons, your blog should be concise or relevant to their thoughts or work.

  1. Be Reliable and constant about your conveying design

  Your blog is your significant brand. The proper way you design your blog and its content, it should consistently communicate your blog’s whole product image and note or message to your audience. So be consistent with your blog so that, your audience would come to your site again and again and become your loyal blog reader.

  1. Be Determined about your noteworthy blog

 If you are not updating your blogs then you are boring your blog readers. For them, your blog should be like a busy blog mean a useful blog.  If you don’t update your blog, then you are going to lose your audience because they consider that your blog or weblog is static. To keep them coming back to your blog it is necessary to add something new, meaningful for them to see or read.

  1. Be engaging and Welcoming your readers

  It is important for you that your blog must welcome your readers so that, you can join them in a two-way conversation. And you can also invite others through comments on your blogs. You can also invite new readers to visit your blog for more lively conversation by leaving comments on other blogs. The success of your blogs is partially dependent upon your readers’ loyalties. Make sure that they should understand how much you raise the value with inspiration. Involving them and recognizing them through meaningful in a two-way conversation so that, would be beneficial for your web-blog.

  1. Be Noticeable about your visible blog

 For the success of your blog you should do some efforts outside your blog world like on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and other more through this you can easily watch your readers tastes preferences and ideas and even you can also attract new readers to your blogs. And on blogs, you can do or add new things on the web blog, communicate and appreciate your readers.

  1. Take possible and potential Risks for your blog

  A business or industry ideal rule that’s no risk, no profit. So this rule applies to anything if you are a fresher or a beginner on website blog you must be fearful of the blog tools, don’t be feel missing of them trying something new is beneficial to you.  But that doesn’t mean that you can try or go for every door bell, you must be careful about what you are going to do on the web blog. It is important to keep your blog fresh by implementing changes that will enhance your blog. So that your blog readers would come again and again.

  1. Ask for support and Help about blogging queries

  Don’t be afraid to take help from fellow bloggers. Remember or note, the worthful success of the interesting blogosphere relies on networking, and maximum bloggers are each time willing to expand their networks or setup, regardless of whether you’re a beginner blogger or a seasoned pro because the more you are communicative and learning seeker the more effective your blog will be. You can also get help through reading different blogger`s blogs so that you can get an idea how I can start a blog? How your blog can be design or look? And how its content would be? Etc.

  1. Keep your Learning and knowledge

  If you want to add always something new in your blogs then it is necessary for you that you should learn new tools tactics ideas relating to your blogs. You should also keep an eye on blogosphere news so that you can easily learn. You should also observe your reader`s reviews on your blogs. So you can easily write something new or unique for your readers.

  1. Always write a blog as Yourself

  Don’t write or explain your blog like a reporter. A blog should be like that you’re having a conversation with each of your readers. A blog is should be  from your heart so that your readers can realize that what you are trying to say in a blog. Your blog is your wonderful brand, your personality, your thoughts, feeling, emotions, etc. You must be consistent with your post because your customers are expecting from you that you must inject your personality in your blog your ideas. Your blog is not just like a newspaper report because readers want to read your opinion  on news. So be sincere and faithful to yourself.


In a blog, the very most important and valuable thing is your content. If your content is not strong and your quality of your content is low, then your readers will not again take any interest on your weblog. So that your content should be written in such an iconic way of writing that is appreciable by your readers.

Here are the following tips for you guys, so that you can get an idea that what should be the quality of your content.

  • Your content should be in your words. There should no be a copy paste system because firstly the Google does not like it and it also reject it and secondly your readers too, readers reads different blogs on different weblogs so they read your blog and find that you’re copying others you don’t have your own words thoughts, ideas, knowledge about anything they stop reading your blog and will not come again on your weblog ever.


  • Wording the basic plus point of any blogger. Your wording should be in a noteworthy way that is easily understandable by your readers and they give you a positive response on your blog and will come again and again.


  • Your blog headlines should be strong because these are the things that attract your readers and their reading interest towards your blogs also increases. But for this, you have to keep an eye on everything that what is actually happening in the world.


  • Now after your headlines, the second thing that is important to your blog is your blogs subheadings. Your readers see the first thing in your blog is your content its headings and its subheadings because they see it, this blog is worth to their time or not so your , subheadings should be strong and attractive to your readers. Your subheadings are the chunk of your blog. Subheadings give a hint and a little concept about your blog content to your readers.


  • Your content should provide information and illuminate your readers. Your content should be informative to your readers that they can seek from your content. Your content material should be with high quality that your readers would get satisfied from your content.


  • Your content should provide tips, ideas to your readers so that they can get help and solutions to their problems. Give them the authority that your content is the solution and the ideas, advice for their problems. Your content should be written in a way that will provide and blink their mind with a splendid idea.


  • Your content should provide an answer, a solution of anything that whom you are writing about. As a blogger, you write anything that just happens so whatever you are writing about those things or events that occurring in the world, there should be a solution an idea and opinion of that thing. People should get it and understand it, that is the simplest way of getting your reader`s attention. Always be a provider, not a critic. But here the question is that how you can write your answers? Every reader wants fast and exact answers to their problems, so your answers should be clear and enumerate but informative.


  • Use bullets and numbers in your content so that it looks attractive short and specified to your readers.


  • You can also add pictures and videos in your content that provide information and hints to your readers. Videos are the best way to enlighten your readers about your blog content. These also create interest in your reader`s mind that they more interestingly read and will come to your weblog again and again.


  • If you want that your readers will come again and again on your weblog, you must update your blogs on a daily basis. So your readers will come on a daily basis on your weblog and reads your articles.


  • If you want new readers on your weblog and retain your current readers, then you should share your blogs on different social networks so that your weblog value and viewers increases.


  • Your content should be new and authentic. For this, you must watch your readers on amazing various social networks, like Facebook, Twitter and other more through this you can get different ideas, information so that, you can write best and informative things in your blogs. At the end, your readers got impressed by you and your blogs and this can also enlarge your number of readers and enhance their reading interest too. Don’t feel scared for not getting fame. Just improve your blog appearance and writing style.

These are the few tips that will help you in developing your blogging skills.

How to get traffic to your blog


Now’s a day, it’s becoming a tension for bloggers that how they can bring more and more readers on their blogs. There are the following tips or methods that a blogger can use to enhance his/her blogs and increase the number of readers.


Meaningful  and update content catch  traffic


  • Your content, your writing skills, your writing style and your wording do matter a lot to your readers. So if you want to increase your readers you should enhance your skills, your material and importantly, your writing techniques, etc. So you should have the ability to play with words that at the end will blow the mind of your readers and then your blog’s traffic start increasing.


  • Anything in the world wants change, means if you are not updating your blogs, then why your readers will come again and again on your blogs. So you should update your blogs so that your readers see changes and something new in your blogs which in turn force them to come at your blogs again and again and your blog traffic increases.


Viewer’s attention and socialization


  • The title, this is the most important aspect of your blog. The Title of your blog is more important than your content because it’s the first thing that your reader see whenever he/she opens your weblog, so it must be attractive and described in one word. It should be in a way that must get the attentions of your readers that they click more and read your blog completely. At the end, if you have a strong blog content and then your title of your blog must also be strong and impressive.


  • You have to socialize everywhere mean you should share your posts and blogs on the different social network like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other more. Through this, you can generate more readers and retain your current or regular readers. Being on the social network you can also get reviews and ideas from your viewers and readers, so that, in future, you can enhance your blogs more efficiently.


Well design and SEO blog fit good


  • Photos, these are the best way that creates attractiveness in your blog and also increases the interest of your readers and also describes your blog motives and also gives hints about your blog with your ideas. A photo does not make your post more visually appealing, but for this, you can also include keywords in the ALT Image tag on the photo or image of your blog, boosting search engine optimization (SEO) for your site so that it just simply and easily hints or describes your content.


  • Your blog theme should be clear to your audiences. If your content is not getting clear or making the mind of your readers, then you are confusing them, they can’t understand what actually you are trying to say in turn they stop reading your blogs. For audience attractiveness, you must take some few steps. Firstly, you must target your audiences, who they are?, what they want to read?, what are they taste and preferences? And what you want to convey them? These all things should be clarified so that, you can decide that who your target audiences are.


Social icons are the main keys


  • Whenever you are posting, or blogging you must keep the options of sharing your blogs with your readers with different links and on their accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many more. So that you can easily get your feedback and also new readers on your weblog. You can put these options at the top and bottom of your blog and blog page.


  • Suppose if you are writing a blog about health, exercise, makeup, diet, etc. You can also put videos of your own, or relevant videos to your blog so that your readers and viewers can easily understand and this can also develop their interest too. Videos are the most interesting thing that a viewer like. With videos on blogs, you can more easily convey your message. YouTube is the most ever popular and mostly useable social apps and network with everyone so with the help of YouTube you can attract your current readers and bring new readers. Your videos relating to your content should be short but informative and interesting full, entertaining that doesn’t bore your readers.


Catch reader`s attention by writing style and their views


  • You can also invite others who write about your blogs. Through their help, you can get sufficient data for your blog that would be beneficial for you and your readers. And for this they may also ask you to write for them through your writing style, you can also get new ideas and reader`s taste and also get new readers for your own blogs.


  • Your content material should be in easy to understand wording. So that, what actually you are conveying to them, they can get it. You can also use bullets, numbers, headings and subheadings. This can also create interest and make your blog can be attractive and easy to readable for readers.


Social platforms and promotion ideas for reader`s interest


  • Watch your audiences that on which social network they spend their most so you can post your blogs on that social sites like Facebook, Twitter, but for this, you have to do invest on these sites because if you can’t  invest you can’t gain. If you want more readers for your blogs and web pages these social sites are the best way to attract new and current reader`s interest towards your blogs.


  • You can also add to your blogs and weblog links of different incorporate links not only google like to see your post. But also the incorporates  whom links that you shared on your blogs. They also promote your blogs because you are promoting their website. For your readers, their interest increases and they can also see the goods and services of that incorporate that they are looking for and you just simply help them by mentioning and sharing links of incorporates. You can also get new readers through these links. You can also enhance your reader`s interest.


Faithfully work hard and use comment options for reader`s views


  • For blog visitors, you should make your blog easy for them. So that they can endorse your blog and its RSS feed.


  • You have to keep a comment leaving options on your blogs so that, your readers can share their view and their opinion on your blog. Their ideas and their views are beneficial for you in a way that you can bring changes in your blogs so that your readers cloud satisfy. And you must communicate with your readers through comments as that by interacting with them. They can realize that you are in touch with them and you understand the value of their comments and their views, which creates a loyal and strong relationship between you and your readers.


  • Writing a blog doesn’t mean that having everything in it. Sometimes your readers start nicely spotting or noticing you that you are working hard for them, but there is something in your work that is missing which is your passion and your fun. They start considering your work is like a hard work or drudgery and at the end, you start losing your readers interest. For your better reader`s interest, it is important that you must do fun with your blog, express your ideas that who you are. If you are writing it with your own joyful interest, then your content becomes more strong and interest-full that at the end will turn your blog in the success and joyful interest of your readers that they come again and again on your blog site.
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